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About Us


A brief look at our story. 


As an organization CASP is still in the early growing stages of our life, having just been planted a little over a year ago with an idea and a vision. Over the last year, a lot has happened to make CASP a reality, and we are excited to see where this journey will take us in the future!

In 2020, with a change in personal direction for Erin (our director) and her husband after leaving a church, an idea was formed for an organization that would serve the families of our community, providing counseling, family training, classes, resources, and an after-school program for kids. After much deliberation and consultation, seeking guidance from other organizations and leaders, the decision was made to focus first on providing a program for children after school during the week, geared towards academic enrichment, social-emotional learning, and exposure to new experiences and fields. This is how the Junction Community After School Program (CASP) was born!

CASP is led by Erin Guerrero and a team of board members who all have a passion for serving our community by encouraging and helping kids. Our desire is that the kids of this town will be cared for, taught, helped, encouraged, and enriched in order to have a more fulfilled life and a brighter future.

Meet Our Board Members

IMG_7629 (1).jpg
Erin Guerrero
casp logo.png
Hilary Jackson
Assistant Director
Jurahee Silvers


Cassandra Leonard


Mariana Schulze
Board Member

Tasha Schulze
Board Member
Brandy O'Neal
Board Member
Sabrina Valverde

Board Member

John Guerrero
Board Member
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